For years, statements and conversations of “bitcoin or cryptocurrencies” were always followed with negative responses like

“too volatile”, “worthless”, “waste of money”, “a joke”

Personal favorite: “Bitcoin will never make it and you will lose all your money”

Well now…. I hopped on the Crypto train in 2010… As of 2021, I have a crypto hard wallet from Ledger full of ways to say “Sorry, But you were incorrect about that exact statement.”

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and so many have joined in at the right time,

don’t be left out.

This IS the future of money

On this site you will find just the basics of getting started with

Cryptocurrency,— Bitcoin AltcoinsNFTsMetaverse

The best way to Simply describe what Crypto is:

It’s Money.

Meaning that You can pay for stuff.

Another good reason for this form of digital money,

cryptocurrency is Decentralized

Simply described:

No Central Authority or government can control the cryptocurrency.

Unlike paper money, Crypto cannot be printed. It cannot be copied.

Supply and demand controls the value.

With the crypto market prices in such flux


so many new Altcoins popping up,

now is the best time to SimplyLearnCrypto and start gaining for the future.

Right now there are so many ways to get crypto for free without spending a single cent out of pocket.

It just takes a little time….

So for 5 minutes hop off your Insta-Book, Face-Tok, Snap-Gram, Tik-Chat or whatever your social media choice is

and check out cryptocurrencies the future of money!