Cryptocurrency wallets!

cryptocurrency wallet — Simply functions like a traditional wallet, but instead of paper currency, it holds proof of your digital cash.

A wallet keeps secret information, called a private key or a seed, which is used to validate transactions and “sign” them so that your crypto can be used to make purchases or exchanged for another asset. This prevents someone else from using it or the transaction being altered by a third-party. Often when people refer to a wallet they are actually referring to a crypto exchange that offers a wallet as part of their account features. In this sense, the wallet is just the place where all of your cryptocurrencies are kept, or where you can keep fiat money for future use.

Do you need a crypto wallet?

Absolutely.. Without it you have no place to store your crypto, make transactions,

or watch it grow.

This gives you the power to have absolute and total control over your money. And given the fact that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been increasing in value, it is vital to have your own cryptocurrency wallet to store and manage your coins.

With phone and computer apps that trade crypto, they will generate free wallets for every crypto you are interested in.

The majority of phone apps that focus on crypto are basically crypto trading platforms. Some offer rewards for holding or HODLing(Hold-On-for-Dear-Life) and rewards are added weekly.

Just go to your App store/Play store and type in Cryptocurrency Wallet.

A plethora of options will pop up.

These 2 below are personal choice for purchasing, trading and HODLing.

For U.S. purchase & trading

Metamask and Uphold are Mutli-chain wallet that allows you to easily switch between blockchains.

Downloadable for Smartphones & PC

There are an abundance of Wallet choices out there, That’s for sure.

Every Website for a cryptocurrency will have a link to their wallet choices

You just need to find the one that best suits you and your choice of Crypto.