Right now you can get Crypto without spending anything but a little time.

With a few clicks of a mouse, some reading, complete some surveys,

or download some games and other apps using your Smartphone, a tablet, or your computer.

These earning sites use their own “crypto” not on trading exchanges like SouthExchange or purchased in Apps like Coinbase.

When it is time to withdraw, they are converted into BTC or another form of tradable cryptocurrency. (not too shabby!)


PublishOx is a site based solely on blogs with great information and opinions from the Crypto community.

You read blogs and “Tip” the author a small percentage of crypto for his work. As well as getting some yourself just for reading it.

You can find so much info about the current cryptocurrencies, up and coming ones, links to direct crypto platforms, and much more focused on Crypto, the future of money.


Cointiply gives you multiple ways to earn. Surveys, short ads, web and downloadable games

All you need is a little time to click, swipe, read, or play some games.

And you get paid in Cointiply site coins which are based on your local Fiat currency (USD here) and it can be withdrawn as Bitcoin, Dash, Doge, or Litecoin.

AutoClaim is another cool way to get free crypto without spending.

Using its own internal crypto called faucetToken (FCT),

AutoClaim gives you multiple ways to earn as well. Surveys, Short links, offers and Mining!

And when you are ready to withdraw your earnings, it is a Multi-currency site, so you can choose which crypto you want it to be.

Autoclain choices

PipeFlare is an “Online Arcade” This site has multiple ways to receive crypto for free.

It has a few games and daily Faucet Drip rewards that offer DOGE, ZEC, and 1FLR

FLR, the native token from PipeFlare and it is now on CoinGecko and tradeable as of Oct 2021. The site offers you them in daily rewards that you can stake and watch the balance grow.

Also you can Mint your own NFTs on PipeFlare as well! FREE OF CHARGE!

New York Coin has been around since 2017 and offer 10 of them a day just for following them on Twitter.

The site also offers earning with

clicking short links, Twitter bounties, and referrals

Click the image below for the Faucet. So after a few clicks,

free crypto…


You can get free crypto before they are available in exchanges, Who doesn’t want free money??

Faucet Drips..

A crypto faucet is an app or a website that distributes small amounts of cryptocurrencies as a reward for completing easy tasks. They’re given the name “faucets” because the rewards are small, just like small drops of water dripping from a leaky faucet. However, in the case of crypto faucets, tiny amounts of free or earned cryptocurrency are sent to a wallet. to get free crypto, users need to complete tasks as simple as viewing ads, watching product videos, completing quizzes, clicking links (be careful!) or completing a captcha. 


South Exchange

A trading platform where members themselves can set up faucet drips to promote a new cryptocurrency and get it circulating. They are usually new cryptocurrencies just starting with a low rating and low value. And unfortunately, some could be a scamcoin made by some greedy turd trying to make some money.

You can check out the worth and how the cryptocurrencies are doing with

CoinGecko CoinMarketCap

But with the faucets, even if it’s a good crypto with rising value or a worthless turd-coin,

they were free…And free is good.


It is SIMPLY that easy to learn and gain without spending.

Again, you just need a little time.

(instead of spending all the free time viewing and liking posts on FaceTok, InstaBook, TikGram, or whatever trending social media, you can get free money!)